Create and Implement a Plan for a Rural Renaissance of Economic Prosperity

Georgia has over 50 Distressed Counties and 74 rural communities are projected to lose population in the coming decade. By 2030 over 24% of rural Georgia will be senior citizens.


Georgia must prioritize and act to reverse this economic decline by focusing on the following:

1. Develop and incentivize Georgia’s manufacturing, agriculture, and military economic hubs

2. Expand broadband capacity through public-private investment and incentives

3. Develop loan forgiveness and incentives for high-demand talent in rural communities

4. Revise outdated rural incentive programs and thresholds for rural job creation to benefit small business, existing industry, agriculture, and emerging industries

5. Create public-private partnerships to fund innovative programs and solutions for sustainable rural prosperity

6. Pass meaningful legislation to promote and incentivize local governments to pursue joint services, investment, and revenue sharing

7. Support regional collaboration, marketing, and partnerships between local chambers, development authorities, and local governments to achieve economies of scale in rural areas

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