Ensure All Georgians Have Access to Quality Healthcare

By 2026 2/3 of Georgia counties could have over 25% of all adults without coverage, and since 2010, rural Georgia has lost 8 hospitals.


Georgia must act on the following priorities to ensure quality access:


1. Promote quality, measurable outcomes as the primary goal in any efforts to reform state healthcare policies

2. Eliminate incentives for the practice of defensive medicine and support reforms that reduce the growth of medical liability and insurance costs

3. Pursue federal waivers that allow Georgia to create a more efficient Medicaid program that reduces costs and improves outcomes

4. Commit to increasing payments for doctors serving economically challenged populations and incentivize providers to practice in rural areas

5. Enhance innovations in wellness, telemedicine, hub-and-spoke delivery models, and transportation of patients within the healthcare provider system

6. Develop strategies to combat addiction and the opioid epidemic that includes: mental health providers, law enforcement, workforce development, and private and non-profit entities

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