Promote Georgia as a Talent Epicenter and  Develop a Diverse and Highly Skilled Workforce

Georgia needs to continue its efforts to cultivate a skilled workforce because “talent” is the defining factor driving where businesses choose to locate or expand.


Elected officials must support the state’s efforts to develop a world class talent and leadership pipeline and should:


1. Support EdQuest Georgia as a policy framework for improving the early learning to career pipeline through the following core areas:

A. Foundations for learning to provide access to high quality early childhood education and childcare options for every Georgia family

B. Clear pathways to post-secondary success for all students with buy-in from employers, parents, and teachers

• A strong career and technical education system

• Career delivery alternatives like college and career academies

• A comprehensive statewide career skills, financial security, and leadership training program


C. Adopt a modern formula that promotes adequate and equitable funding of education


2. Prioritize strong connections between businesses and the network of research & regional universities and technical colleges

3. Improve the access to updated and relevant college and career information available for schools, parents, students, and industry

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