Bolster Economic Mobility & Diverse, Thriving Communities

For Georgia to continue to experience sustainable growth, a balance must be achieved between human needs, population, resources and talent development. We must be intentional about reducing our poverty ranking of 45 if we are truly committed to improving the quality of life for all Georgians.

Our elected officials must focus on the following:

1. Commit to a culture of inclusiveness. Maintain a welcoming environment that embraces diversity and rejects discrimination

2. Develop realistic strategies to decrease poverty rates by moving people into the workforce by committing resources for job training

3. Champion policies and strategies that help communities across Georgia attract top talent and tourism

4. Enact state and local policies that facilitate affordable housing, prioritize investments to promote local economic development, and modernize the economic tier system

5. Provide long-term sustainability strategies and funding to protect recreation, land and wildlife and to grow Georgia’s Outdoor Economy that lead to tourism and economic growth

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