Build and Maintain a Modern Statewide Infrastructure System

Georgia will experience an estimated 60% growth in port traffic; 16% energy demand growth; and 1.4 million more cars on our roads by 2030.


It’s imperative that Georgia continues to invest in statewide infrastructure networks that will safely
and efficiently allow Georgia to continue to grow.


Therefore, we must:

1. Develop and maintain a long-term Strategic Plan with prioritized investments for transportation that  includes:

A. Gap analysis, innovation, funding structure for road, airport, rail, and transit infrastructure

B. Expansion of our globally competitive freight and logistics network by completing the Savannah Harbor deepening, improving the Port of Brunswick, expanding Hartsfield Jackson International Airport cargo capacities, and building a plan for Georgia’s other statewide freight assets

C. Benchmarks for predictable commutes for commuters, job access for consumers, and employment pool access for corporations


2. Encourage infrastructure development through streamlining regulatory framework and market-based incentives

3. Modernize investments in energy infrastructure to include a diverse mix of sustainable, reliable, and affordable sources

4. Continue to fund water management and conservation efforts to ensure long-term, statewide quality water access

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